Step Shank Tools

Whether working in soft conditions, rocky and abrasive soils, or hard-packed frozen ground, Kennametal has the unbeatable cutting tool/block combinations to optimize your performance.
• Step Shank TS series cutting tools for any conditions
• Wide collars for the best block protection and rotation.
• Solid carbide tips in all geometries for all conditions.
• Heavy-duty all-steel designs.
• Wide weld chamfers for strength and rigidity.
• Increased height for externally retained tools.
• Profiles designed to reduce drag, improve material flow, and increase strength.

Technical Specification

Standard Tools:
TS5 For cutting extremely hard rock and concrete.
TS19C For abrasive or soft to medium-impact cutting conditions.
TS30C For medium to extremely-hard rock, and abrasive conditions.
Standard Blocks:
TH3* Heavy-duty barrel for maximum strength and rigidity.
C4/U43H For medium-duty applications.