Introducing the Brand New range of Road Razor ECO Tools from Kennametal

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Road Razor Eco Picks

YOU demanded a road-milling tool that would greatly reduce your operating costs while delivering ultimate performance.

Road Razor ECO™...the new shape of road-construction productivity!

It is designed to work differently than any tool ever available in the industry.

It's unique and sleek proprietary shape, with maximum hardness throughout the entire head area, makes cutting easier and is far less resistant to extreme wear and friction – enabling you to run longer and faster* than ever before thought possible…making it your ECOnomically superior choice!

Because you can now get your work done faster, your machines absorb far less abuse and can consume less fuel*…making it your ECOlogical tool, too!

Bottom line: Our Road Razor ECO™ delivers an unmatched combination of ultimate service life, efficiency, and productivity!

*Field-proven using YOUR machines, in YOUR applications, and at YOUR job sites!

- sleek, proprietary shape - no one else has this design!
- maximum head hardness so it cuts with ease
- new retainer is thicker, for excellent fit and rotation
- far less cracking, far more tool life
- ideal for abrasive asphalt applications
- resistant to extreme wear and friction damage
- run longer and faster - better economy
- get done faster - use less fuel