Kennametal Trenching Tool Selector

KENNAMETAL Trenching Tool selector

For All types of Trenchers

Chainsaw, Rock Hawg, Rock Saw, Walk Behind/Pedestrian Trencher, Rubber Tyre Trencher, Concrete Saw, Rock Wheel Trencher, Track Trencher, Terrain Leveler, Rock Hawg, Road miner, or Top cutter.

Types of Soil Conditions

Rock, Soapstone/Gypsum, Soft Limestone, Dolomite, Sandstone

Types of Rock like; Slate, Caliche, Limestone, Basalt, Silica, Sandstone, Coral, Flint, Granite, River Pebbles, Flagstone and Shale to name a few.

All about cutting conditions

  • soft cutting
  • medium cutting
  • hard cutting
  • abrasive cutting
  • highly abrasive
  • hard cutting laminated

All about Wear

Understanding and compensating for the different types of tip and body wear like Steel Wash. Thermal Cracking, Carbide Fracture, Shank Breakage, Back Bending and Balance Wear, will help you make the most of your tool investment.

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