The new PT-300: The “TOP DOG” on low ground pressure

The PT-300 has been created! It’s PrimeTech's new tracked prime mover with an unrivalled and exceptionally low ground pressure of 3.10 psi!

With its 275 HP, PT-300 rounds off the range of PrimeTech prime movers, placing itself between the more powerful PT-400 with 415 HP and the smallest model of the series, PT-200 with 180 HP.

The PT-300 was designed to guarantee high productivity on any type of terrain and for any type of land clearing job. Examples of this are site preparation, ROW, power and fence lines, pipelines, leases, seismic lines, etc.

The power in the PT-300 comes from a John Deere 413 cc, 6068HF turbocharged and after cooled engine with 6 cylinders producing 275 HP – a highly fuel efficient engine that complies with Tier 3 emission standards. Sauer Danfoss hydraulic pumps and motors deliver high tractive force for ease of maneuverability and produce high torque for the range of attachments available.

PT 300

The PT-300 can work well even on difficult terrain, due to its oscillating undercarriage which adapts perfectly to uneven surfaces. According to customer needs, the track can be fitted with two types of shoes in two different widths: 26 inches (STD-version) and 32 inches (LGP-version). Both versions guarantee excellent vehicle stability and low ground pressure: with the LGP-version ground pressure being a best-in-class 3.10 psi! Wet and swampy areas, muskeg, etc. are no problem for the PT-300, it can work where other machines would not be able to work anymore.

Only PrimeTech offers the possibility to attach various heads for different applications on its models. For the PT-300 there are 2 attachments available:
-    The FAE 200U mulching head: the ideal head for all land clearing and mulching applications. Depending on the terrain the head can be equipped with the STCL rock teeth, regular C-type teeth or with the VIPER planner style teeth.
-    The FAE 200S subsoiler head: the right head for jobs that demand a working depth of upto 18 inches (milling stumps and roots in road construction, land conversion, pipelines, etc.).

PrimeTech also leads the way in operator comfort. The spacious ergonomically designed cab offers excellent visibility and incorporates features like a heated pneumatic suspension seat, air conditioning, back-up camera, radio/CD/MP3 player. At only 78 dB the ROPS/FOPS certified cab provides the operator with a quiet, low-vibration and safe working environment.

High productivity and reliability, comfort and very low ground pressure: these are the reasons for choosing PT-300.

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