Rock Hawg - The cost effective solution

This story started back in June 2008, following 6 months of issues with production in a European quarry, the noise and vibrations became too much for the people living close by, so limits on the noise level were authorized at 3 times lower than the normal level.

Having these limits meant their production was at risk!!!

Tesmec TRS1475 Rock Hawg

The quarry needed to find a new technology that was a less noisy solution, with less vibration, without explosives and still cost effective.

First they organised a demonstration from the opposition brand Vermeer with the latest 1255 terrain leveler, but it was not efficient enough. When contacted to provide a demonstration of the Tesmec TRS1150 RH, after one day they could see that the 55 ton Tesmec machine was a lot more efficient than the Vermeer 120 ton, but for production purposes they needed a bigger machine. They needed a minimum of 800 M3 / day, so we recommended the next model up, a Tesmec 1475 Rock Hawg.

A trip was arranged to visit the first Tesmec Rock Hawg 1475 sold in Europe by Westquay.

The visit was a success but the owners needed to be sure that the TRS1475 would not be too noisy inside the quarry.  After a few tests, the customer ordered the machine which was delivered during November 2009.

Tesmec TRS1475 Rock Hawg

Three Lorries arrived from Tesmec Italy, with the 2nd. Tesmec TRS1475 Rock Hawg in Europe! It took about 2 working days to assemble the machine and after just 2 hours, the quarry was working without bothering the neigbours.

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