Tesmec manufactures trenchers at their factory in Grassobbio, Italy ensuring a fast and reliable service to the Tesmec European customer base, whilst their American factory based in Dallas, meets the requirements of American based customers. A wide range of equipment is available from Tesmec; trenchers ranging from 8 - 100+ tonnes that dig from 63mm up to 380cm wide, to 720 cm deep, cable tensioning stringing equipment and the Explorer GPR.

The Tesmec range of trenchers offer chainsaw, rock hawg, bucket wheel and rock saw configurations, and are designed for continuous trenching even in the toughest conditions: rock and reinforced concrete as well as being designed to withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures. The rugged construction and ease of operation with proven field performance makes these powerful trenchers the first choice for tough jobs all over the world, guaranteeing high productivity as well as being economical.

Westquay is a Main Distributor/dealer for TESMEC Trenchers providing:


These machines provide the best cost efficiency and productivity for excavation in different kinds of soil including hard rock. Tesmec Trenching technology is the most advanced solution for the following applications:

Oil&Gas pipelines, Water and sewage lines
Telecom networks and power cable installation
Bulk excavation of rock and Quarries
Dewatering and drainages