TRS 1150 Rock Hawg

TRS 1150 Rock Hawg works through solid rock and produces stones, gravel and sand.

As well as eliminating the need for blasting, the rockhawg also produces a material that can bypass the primary stage of crushing. The rockhawg's high production output makes it not only useable for construction projects, but also in quarries where a single machine could meet the material requirements for smaller production facilities and In open cast excavations, the rockhawg also produces an even floor after the excavation of rock, as well as its ability to operate with precision which makes it ideal to create haul roads, the excavation of compacted aggregates and wall profiling

In quarries considering the total costs and off blasting and the cost of primary crushing. As well as the easier transportation within the quarry of the primary crushed material.

The rockhawg can offer a complete excavation solution

in existing quarries the addition of the rockhawg, can provide an adaptable mechanical excavation soloution, that can enchance the quarries ability to manage areas difficult to blast or where traditional mechanical excavation would be too slow or costly.